Scanning organizes and analyzes a broad set of inputs to generate actionable insight.

Scanning is the collection of appropriate and relevant information in a format and timeframe that support useful retrieval. Within an organization there are five possible levels of maturity for scanning:

  • Ad hoc: The primary sources for any signals of change come from popular media and are collected and used with minimal integration and analysis.
  • Aware: An informal process is in place to collect, tag, and store information from both general media and some novel sources.
  • Capable: A recognized framework (such as STEEP) is used to collect novel information and then organize it such that it is retrievable and useful to analysts.
  • Mature: Best practices are consistently used to gather a wide range of input . Universal models provide a powerful world-view framework for a deeper understanding of the domain.
  • World-class: Organization develops sophisticated methodology and tools to provide timely and continuous collection of information, as well as insightful analysis for real-time responses.

Is your organization continuously gathering and analyzing a wide range of input?

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