Urban Indoor Farming

Back in April I had a chance to visit MetroCrops, an urban high-density indoor farm started by two of my friends here in Connecticut. Steve and Nancy Domyan and a small staff grow lettuce in 2,200 square feet of converted factory space in Bridgeport. Hydroponics, LED lights, and a controlled climate allow them to produce…


Future of Brands 2030: Brand Relationships Won’t Matter

It’s popular to talk of deepening consumers’ relationships with a brand. But most consumers just aren’t that into brands. Marketing guru Martin Weigel argues that savvy marketers will realize they can best boost sales by extending their brand’s reach—making more consumers more aware of the brand—rather than by building loyal fans. What’s driving this forecast……


Future of Brands 2030: Post-Retail Brands

In 2030, the retail environment sees ubiquitous same-day delivery of online goods and autonomous-vehicle pickup and delivery of store purchases. Consolidation across e-commerce and retail industries has left only a handful of players that can combine logistical sophistication with a national footprint. Convenience and availability, not impulse, drive consumer purchasing in this future, making branded…

csr – corporate social responsibility

Future of Brands 2030: Ethical Spending In Emerging Markets

Through 2030, values-based consumption rises among the increasingly prosperous middle classes of emerging markets, and they look to brands for cues. Ethical and ideological concerns carry more weight in brand choice, partially edging out value-for-money and conspicuous consumption as drivers. What’s driving this forecast… Growing middle classes. Global middle classes are adding hundreds of millions…