The New Three Rs: Rating, Ranking, Reputation

The not-yet launched social rating app Peeple recently caught the attention of the Internet, and the reaction was not kind. By the admission of its founders, Peeple seeks to be “the Yelp for people,” a succinct tagline that detractors immediately seized upon. According to its creators, Peeple seeks to consolidate reviews of ordinary people. Have…


Work without Jobs

At a Brookings event this week, panelists made some provocative forecasts on the future of work in the face of automation. The two speakers, Nick Hanauer and Scott Santens, are in some ways in opposing camps: Hanauer believes that technology is providing better jobs, and will continue to, while Santens foresees a need for new…


Urban Indoor Farming

Back in April I had a chance to visit MetroCrops, an urban high-density indoor farm started by two of my friends here in Connecticut. Steve and Nancy Domyan and a small staff grow lettuce in 2,200 square feet of converted factory space in Bridgeport. Hydroponics, LED lights, and a controlled climate allow them to produce…