Josh Calder


Josh Calder has 17 years experience helping organizations—from intelligence agencies to consumer goods companies—understand and shape their futures. He tracks social, economic, technological, and political change to reveal the future systems within which clients will...

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Bill Croasmun


Bill Croasmun helps clients see future possibilities, discover new opportunities, and make good decisions. Bill enjoys designing and leading workshops where clients create and learn together. He also loves to gather data, organize it, figure out what it means, and...

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Terry Grim

Futurist and Project Manager

Terry Grim’s focus is moving “knowing” into “doing.” She brings training and experience in the full innovation lifecycle: foresight, strategy, project management, organizational change, and operations. Terry’s years of experience include senior positions at IBM as...

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Mark Justman


Mark Justman delights in uncovering anomalies that undercut the conventional wisdom and illuminate new directions for the possible future. Mark has worked as a professional futurist for over a decade, for both the Institute for Alternative Futures and...

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Christopher Kent


Christopher Kent is a futurist, writer, researcher, and consultant with 15 years’ experience in global consumer insights. He has advised clients on emerging generational trends and their impact; future consumer technology usage trends; new media challenges in...

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Kristin Nauth


Kristin Nauth admits to being an “infomaniac.” Using wide-ranging research and creative analysis, she works with clients to uncover emerging threats and opportunities that can be transmuted into significant new value and competitive advantage...

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Our Vision

We envision a world in which every organization looks beyond the current quarter or current year, to anticipate and shape its future by applying the disciplines of foresight in ways that inform strategy, stimulate innovation, and add to the bottom line.

What Makes Us Exceptional

  • Customized

    We customize our services to the needs of the client. We don’t sell canned processes.

  • Collaborative

    We are nimble and responsive. We work closely with our clients throughout each engagement.

  • Actionable

    We understand the business implications of our work. We excel at making information about the future relevant and actionable to our clients.

  • Experienced

    We provide a team of seasoned foresight professionals with a range of viewpoints and experience.

  • Cost-effective

    Our lean and efficient organization, staffed by experienced futurists, allows us to offer excellent value to our clients.