Josh Calder

Josh Calder has 17 years experience helping organizations—from intelligence agencies to consumer goods companies—understand and shape their futures. He tracks social, economic, technological, and political change to reveal the future systems within which clients will operate.

Josh developed the Global Lifestyles project at Social Technologies (now Innovaro), guiding the creation of hundreds of reports, with particular attention to emerging markets. He has studied over-the-horizon security issues and evolving socioeconomic trends for government clients, and presented on transparency and geopolitics at the Army War College. His work on measuring the speed of social change around the world has been covered by Foreign Policy and Forbes. Josh is the creator of, which covers geopolitics and global trends.

He also created, a site that examines the futures depicted on film. He is a frequent commentator for television, radio, and newspapers, and has appeared on CNN, the History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel.

Josh has an MA in Foreign and Defense Policy from American University and a BA from Wesleyan University in Government. In his spare time, he has been to over 400 islands. You can follow him on Twitter @Geofutures.

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