Tiny houses are an American tradition, dating back to the 150sf cabin where Thoreau wrote his masterpiece on simple living. Now they’re back in vogue, driven by foreclosure woes, boomers downsizing, and eco-consciousness. According to an interesting update in the New Haven Advocate, at least two consulting firms—Rightsize by Design and Tumbleweed Tiny House Company—now exist to help consumers plan their live-in gazebo, while numerous blogs promote the movement. A home designed by Tumbleweed costs $16,000 for plans and materials, or about $39,000 ready-made. Tempting…. but honestly, can you imagine what this trend would do to US divorce rates if everyone started moving into tiny houses? Just give me the revolving hut that George Bernard Shaw used as his backyard writing studio — but let me keep my 4BR/2BA, and my relationship, intact please.

Image: nicolas boullosa (Flickr)

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