A 360° Perspective. We do comprehensive scanning of your operating environment, consider extended time horizons, and examine deep drivers of change.

Perspectives from areas adjacent to client focus
Extensive experience in trend research and evaluation experience
Domain expertise from a variety of industry backgrounds
Project management and planning expertise

Futures Development We provide “raw materials” for organizational foresight—trends, evidence, observations, etc.—and develop a framework for how the future might play out in areas pertinent to your work.

Trend identification, prioritization, and synthesis
Scenario development
Identification and monitoring of change indicators

Strategy and Innovation Support. We work with you to identify which aspects of change are important and relevant, then collaboratively develop implications to feed strategy and innovation.

Creative exploration of what foresight implies for product and service offerings, new markets, new business models
Innovation and ideation processes
Client visioning and change processes

Compelling Communications We customize our products and presentations to meet specific client needs, and express our insights in meaningful, compelling, and actionable ways.

Professional, scannable, visually compelling reports and briefs
Deliverables that can be repurposed for internal uses
Presentation creation and delivery
  • Internal presentation materials for clients
  • Onsite and conference presentations