Our clients gain an expanded perspective.

Your peripheral vision is expanded with perspectives from areas adjacent to your core focus.
We lengthen clients’ time horizons, giving them more warning of both risks and opportunities.
We examine deeper drivers.
We have the advantage of knowledge and insight garnered from the synergy of many projects.
Our project management and planning expertise is world-class, honed at major global companies.

Our clients extend their thinking. We help you “connect the dots” so that what was a gut feel can become a reasoned conclusion.

We provide organized foresight “raw material”—trends, evidence, observations, etc.
We offer structured processes for synthesizing conclusions, both online and face-to-face.
We are highly skilled at identifying implications tailored to clients’ unique situations.

We facilitate creative exchanges in which clients can develop innovative ideas, and processes in which to capture and evaluate the best options.

We solicit client input at all stages and work cooperatively to ensure our process and results are always aligned with the client’s needs.
Our innovation and ideation processes lift clients out of their day-to-day business routines to gain a broader view.
We provide online and face-to-face facilitated ideation and brainstorming processes.
Our scenario processes offer clients a low-risk, high-inspiration context in which to explore new opportunities and threats.

Our clients build internal foresight capabilities.

We work together with clients at all stages of a project, so that they learn foresight by doing foresight.
We developed the Foresight Maturity Model, a competencies model for organizational foresight.
We work with clients to apply the Foresight Maturity Model to improve their foresight capabilities.

Our clients are able to work smarter and be more effective. We raise their personal influence and the influence of foresight within their organizations.